Create, Save and Share Your Recipes

Recipes are not just about food. They carry memories of loved ones and family members that shared and left their favourite one’s for us to enjoy. The food made from those recipes bring families and communities together. The My Recipe Room mobile app was designed to document these precious memories and to connect with like-minded individuals. Use the app to create, store and share these recipes with a great feature set to make updates and changes as easy as possible.


Stunning Features

Recipe books

Create new recipes books, document special memories and add recipes


Create new recipes, change existing ones (image, ingredients, method) and share with others

Search for recipes

Search for recipes by category, ready time or name

Servings convertor

Use the servings convertor to adjust ingredient quantities automatically

Create and share shopping lists

Add recipe ingredients to a shopping list, tick off those already in stock and share with others

Handy metric convertors

Use the handy temperature, weight and volume converters to calculate conversions between different units

Cooking timer

The cooking timer will remind you when the dish has stayed in the oven long enough

Backup recipes

Backup recipes to Dropbox for safekeeping

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